“Melissa was an outstanding educator for both Level 1, Level 2 Reiki. She has a wealth of knowledge on the material and is able to convey the information to the group at an appropriate speed to allow for comprehension, as well as working with students one on one when needed. Everyone’s questions were answered and Melissa was always present with the group. Her accepting and non judgmental demeanor was refreshing. I feel empowered and am excited to put my newly acquired knowledge to use.”

-Caitlin, Vernon BC


“Thanks Melissa.You are a very elegant, compassionate and knowledgeable teacher. It was my honor to be part of your classes and receive the gifts you shared. ”
-Suzanne O’Shea, Ph.D., Vernon BC

“What a wonderful day spent with you and the ladies learning about Reiki. I went home feeling so full of joy and gratitude.
You have been given a gift to teach Reiki, with love, passion and joy. I will always keep you in my thoughts. As the saying goes you don’t run/meet  people by accident,the universe always has a plan.”

  ‘I Am Grateful For everything you are, for everything you do, from the bottom of my heart. Thank You! Love and Gratitude.’

-Marie, Vernon BC


“After receiving several beneficial treatments from Melissa, I felt compelled to take her Reiki Level 1 course. She’s a highly respected and gifted healer in her own right, and as a teacher she passes that torch right along to her students. In this well-designed course you will learn everything you need to know to perform Reiki on yourself or on another person. I learned that by tapping into the energy field that binds us all together, we can help ourselves and others reduce stress and anxiety while fostering feelings of radiance, peace and well-being. I highly recommend this life-changing course to anyone looking to experience the power in their own two hands.”

~Alana Cheyne, Vernon BC


“What a great weekend. I loved it and I am starting practice at home with confidence. Will start with friends next week. I would like to sign up for the Masters course please. Thank you for sharing this amazing gift with me”

– Heather Soloway, Vernon BC


“Today I experienced my first Reflexology session with Melissa. This year I declared 2015 a year of self healing. Melissa is an important part of my journey. I live with a pain condition rated 42/50 on the McGill pain scale and was ready for the touch I felt to evoke pain. I was so pleasantly surprised when Melissa’s touch evoked the opposite. Caring, detailed and thorough each area of me was delicately guided to self healing. The intensity of the session is obvious from Melissa’s fire with in. A powerful practitioner I am honored to have Melissa in my corner. After my session my anxiety was dissipated and the pressure in my head relieved. I felt a warmth and gratitude for our time together. Thank you Melissa. You are perfect!”
-Susanne McCaughey, Raindrop Facilitator Meditation Coach


“I was trapped in a glass bubble looking out at the world. I could see how it could be, I could see how others could live happy, fulfilling lives. But I couldn’t make it happen for myself due to a tragic incident in my life. Very few people knew about my suffering. Melissa was the first person who really heard me. She looked into the glass bubble at me and she kindly and gently led me out of that bubble and now I am in a position to smile and feel free. I am happier and she taught me how to deal with situations that weighed me down in my life. Thank you Melissa. “

— Andrea, Calgary


“My struggle out of a recent domestic abuse situation found me living in Battered Women’s shelters for 5 months, penniless, homeless and jobless, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in fact I was not even seeing the tunnel. At 54 years old, I didn’t see that my life could ever be whole again… there was no time to make it whole. I was exhausted…physically, mentally and even more so, spiritually.

I knew I had to bring my body, mind, heart and soul together to revitalize my life in all ways, to become all one…. And all I could think of was looking for a holistic life coach who could work on all four areas to help me become whole again.

Finding a holistic healer is not an easy process, it has to be someone who first of all, you can trust and feel that trust the first time they shake your hand. When I met Melissa, I didn’t even have to shake her hand to feel the healing and love vibrations that emit from her and to her. I knew…

Before my treatments started with Melissa, I had the pleasure of getting to know her. I mentally noted how she always really listened to me, and she immediately seemed to genuinely care about my problems. I felt so comfortable with her… I had no problem telling her everything about me.

My first Reiki session I received through Melissa’s hands was one of the most profound experiences of my life, immediately afterwards the energy surged, and a lightness of my mental stress was obvious. The energy already started to return. I know that my continued treatments with Melissa are going to be life changing for me.

Melissa assured me, that the healing that is happening is all from me…from within. She taught me that by using a whole-being approach that respects the wisdom of the mind, body and spiritual aspects working together in unison could I then start to become “all one”.

I am very much referring Melissa to you, if you want to truly heal yourself through and through, you will be healed through Melissa’s hands, heart, mind and soul. Thank you Melissa… I am very blessed to have found you.”

– Paula

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