The amazing benefits of Hemp

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Hemp is commonly known as a super food because it is one of the most nutritiously dense foods on our planet. Not only is it an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, but it is also a complete source of protein, easily digested by the human body. This super food contains the perfect amount of essential fatty acids and believe it or not, contains more omega 3 fatty acid than fish!

Clinical studies have indicated that eating hemp can decrease inflammation as well as increase blood circulation, contributing to a healthy heart. In addition, hemp aids in digestion because all of the wholesome fiber and healthy fats produce effective working bowels. An effective digestive tract can facilitate weight loss as your body become more efficient at flushing out what it doesn’t need or want. The nutrients in hemp also help with balancing cholesterol levels and increasing our energy throughout the day. Amazingly enough, hemp can harmonize blood sugar levels and improve the functioning of the entire immune system! Along with all the health benefits of this plant, hemp also has many environmental benefits worth exploring.

Growing hemp gives us the opportunity to live in harmony with both the environment and the ecosystem. Hemp is the oldest and most versatile crop in the world; a crop that has more than 25,000 known uses! It is a ‘super resource’ because it can be turned into so many different things such as biodegradable plastic, cement, wood products, clothing, and biomass fuel. What’s amazing about this particular plant is that it only takes 100 days for it to complete full growth, whereas it takes years for trees to grow. Growing hemp would enable us to cut down the amount of deforestation we are imposing upon the world, while giving us a stronger resource at the same time.

In summary, hemp has infinite possibilities for contributing to a healthier body, and to a healthier world. If you do your research you will find even more uses for this amazing little plant!

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